Who had it the hardest series

Who had it the hardest?

Part 1

Obito Uchiha

Believed to have died from Third Shinobi war, giving his left eye Sharingan to fellow Conrad Kakashi, Obito was saved and began to train his body so could return to his beloved ones. Until one day he heard his team was in trouble and their captain Minato was on another mission so Obito made his way there to save them,  but everything changed when he saw his fellow Conrad (to whom he loved) die at the hands of Kakashi’s Lightening blade. From this moment Obito became one with darkness and began a journey of fulfilling Madara’s wish and became a tool for the rest of his life leading up to the 4th great ninja war. However Obito did have a change of heart towards the end and helped save the ninja world with a befitting Shinibo’s death. If you agree or disagree please comment.



2 thoughts on “Who had it the hardest series

  1. I agree he did have it hard. I felt bad for him when he was younger because he always had to compete with Kakashi who was always perfect. Then when he was saved he turned to the darker side after seeing her die it must have hurt him. Awww poor boy

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