Rival Sundays

Who had the greatest Rivalry?

Kakashi vs Guy

Although being a one sided rivalry the majority of the time. Guy Sensei believes Kakashi to be his greatest rival and would train himself at almost anything to beat Kakashi, (even rock, paper, scissors LOOL) whereas Kakashi would seem unbothered and play along and lets be honest he had nothing better to do than read Master Jiraiya “research books”.

kakashi hatake naruto GIFguy naruto GIF

Kakashi vs Obito

From kids they were rivals, although lets be honest Obito wasn’t in Kakashi’s league at the time but Obito wouldn’t give up. It wasn’t till we had the Obito reveal during the ninja war we saw how far he’d come and we all saw the gripping fight scene where it mixed the fighting from when they were kids back into the time space continuum, cant lie I almost shed a tear.

kakashi GIFnaruto shippuden fight GIF

Sakura vs Ino

It all started with you know who, Sassukkke!!!! A rivalry based on a guy, come on girls, you can do better. Years this rivalry went on, they even tied in the Chunin exams. After Sakura trained with Lady Tsunade most people would say that she surpassed Ino but Ino saw the improvement and decided to become a medical ninja too but all in all Sakura has brute strength and the temper to handle team 7 and Ino. Then again Ino has her Clans mind transfer Jutsu.

sakura GIF                   naruto shippuden GIF


Lee vs Neji

First things first, RIP Neji. Same like the Guy and Kakashi rivalry a very much one sided one where Lee wants Neji to acknowledge him as a top level Shinobi through hard work, that’s why he pushes himself to the limit and over the limit.

rock lee GIF

Lee vs Sasuke

Who remembers when Sasuke got his ass handed to him by Lee LOOL, he even used his Sharingan but Lee was too quick for him and reality hit Sasuke hard in the Chunin exams. But Sasuke managed to copy Lee’s move and got away with almost losing the first fight with a sound ninja and Lee looked helplessly as he trained that exact same move for years and it showed just how talented the Uchiha are.  The lesson don’t ever underestimate the Uchiha!


sasuke uchiha GIF

Naruto vs Sasuke

Senju vs Uchiha. Passed down through generations, this is the rivalry that changed the ninja world. Both characters growing up with pain in their lives, had a desire to be greater than the other. Sasuke was always top of the class, got all the girls and the village talking, whereas the knucklehead Naruto got bottom of the class, passed the first stage of the Chunin exams without answering a question, was treated like trash by the whole village but they have a bond deeper than anyone else and an understanding. Sasuke first acknowledged Naruto in the Chunin exam saying he wants to fight him the most. If we fast forward to every fight they had the majority of the time they cancel each other out (or lose their arm).

naruto shippuden GIF                         final fight GIF

naruto these old openings are killing me GIF

I know I’ve missed a few please like, share and let me know who I’ve missed.

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